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  My daughter started first grade. She began learning addition at school. To my disappointment, she could not even do simple math. One time, I was testing her what’s 5+4? she began counting on both hands and couldn’t even give me the answer! I was afraid she had problems with math because she was born prematurely.

Thanks to my sister who have a friend who had sent her children to Mental Math. My sister encouraged me to try the program and it has been 6 months since my daughter joined the program. The result was very surprising, I should say amazing.

With the wonderful result, I should give credit to MathSecret and their instructors.  

Mother of Theresa (6 1/2 years old)

  I feel very happy and relax while attending the class. It helps me learning math fast. I past mad minute at school most of the time since I learned mental math.

I think your class is great. I really like the challenge a lot. My favorite part is when I get to a new level, it helps me to get my goal in school at math, which is to get 100% on all the papers of my math exam.

I think it helps everybody and if everybody took it, everybody would get better grades in math.  

(Student) 7years old

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